Smart Lifting since 1986.

Simpro is a New Zealand company which develops and retails Smart Lifting solutions for warehouse logistics, waste management, and food processing. In addition to a wide range of bins, lifters, stackers, fork trucks, pallet jacks, order-pickers and goods lifts, Simpro is the original equipment manufacturer of brands such as Dumpmaster and Quikstak, and offers a custom design and engineering service.

Since 1986, Simpro products have been defined by intelligent design and an unconventional approach to solving materials-handling problems. They have built an enduring reputation for safety and reliability, and proved their worth in thousands of workplaces around the world.

Simpro's head office and manufacturing facilities are in Auckland, but our products are sold through a global network of agents and distributors. To find a Simpro agent in your area see Where to Buy.

Simpro product lineup including Dockmaster, Multi-Tip, Dumpmaster, MegaDumper and Quikstak